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April 15th, 2013 | by Amelia Hadley | Comments

A shot of Mt. San Jacinto from the Desert Sun building, taken by Brian Indrelunas, digital editor.

Last night I went to sleep in the Coachella Valley in 2013 and awoke this morning to the Great Plains of the 1930s.

There is so much sand in my house that I’m thinking of getting some buckets and shovels so my youngest can play in it.

I should clean the floors, again, but I’m doing everything to avoid lugging my husband’s shop vac up the stairs. The broom is not cutting it.

I had tucked away a blog post idea about indoor activities for kids during the oppressive heat of the August desert, but I think today is a great day to throw a few suggestions out there.

I’ve collected most of these ideas over the years from brilliant moms, parenting magazines and most recently, Pinterest.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, check it out. You can search for just about anything and when you find something interesting– a recipe, craft idea, organizational tip– you can “pin” it to boards that you create and name. If you get really into it, don’t be surprised if you start hoarding Mason jars, nail polish and those little plastic tabs that close bread bags.

With Pinterest you can probably figure out how to decorate an entire wedding reception with an old wood pallet and a few yards of chevron-print fabric. And a candle.

I digress.

A simple Google search will net a lot of indoor activity ideas too.

Coloring, drawing, painting, fort building and play-dough are all great go-to’s.

You can also make a track on the floor with masking tape and kids can “drive” their cars around on it.

Balloon ball– which involves whacking balloons with pool noodles (seriously, you aren’t going in your pool today anyway)– is a hit (see what I did there?).

I bake often and this is great weather for baking. The wind may be making outdoor play impossible, but it is keeping the temperatures low– perfect for using the oven. My kids love to help pour ingredients, mix batter and break the eggs (into a gazillion pieces so I have to fish them all out) and baking is a good distraction.

My daughter, "brooming"

Toddlers and older children might like helping you vacuum and sweep, or “broom” as my daughter says. My daughter “broomed” for 20 minutes this morning and while it’s completely ineffective as far as cleaning up the sand, she was thrilled.

Be creative and have fun!



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