Will the Lopsided Pendulum Toward Irrational Entitlements Ever Swing Back?

April 24th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

A U.S. founding father and one of its greatest philosopher/Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, stated prophetically that democracy can only survive if an educated electorate predominates.

By all measurements, provided through independent polling, Jefferson’s warning is proving all too valid. Projecting the present trend of dissolute spending into the foreseeable future, this seemingly unstoppable tendency indicates that the popularity of government entitlements is actually accelerating.

With the incumbent Administration coordinating these economic initiatives, supported by a universally complicit media and a propagandistic educational system taking a lopsided approach in support of government-controlled economic solutions, there is little indication of a trend reversal. This is especially true with the potential abandonment of America’s unique entrepreneurialism.

Although there may be little solace in understanding the reasons behind this seemingly irreversible trend, it may at least coalesce the shrinking American value-oriented minority into a semblance of counterbalance. Using the 1950′s “Eisenhower era” as America’s post-World War II years’ height of future optimism, the combination of the cost runaway 1960′s Vietnam War, and President Lyndon Johnson’s unpaid-for “war on poverty,” initiated the beginnings of a downward slide, only temporarily interrupted in the Reagan 1980′s. A doubling of the U.S. population from 160 million at that time until today has disproportionately added to the ranks of those who have gravitated to the dominant political organization that provided them with the wherewithal to meet their subsistence needs.

This trend has been particularly magnified by the recent disastrous fiscal “great recession.” This has driven many of those, subsequently unemployed, dispossessed, or hopeless about the future into the arms of a receptive national leadership. This has promised a set of solutions through high bracket tax increases, contrived renewable energy investment, debt extension, regulatory financial restraints, as well as universal healthcare. At this juncture, the votes of the electorate majority seems to be in the hands of those at the receiving end of government largesse. This includes unlimited unemployment compensation, multiplication of food stamps, and an expansion of lucrative government agency jobs.

With the “progressive” masses controlling such electorally overwhelming states as California, Illinois, New York, and all of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic to start with, the leadership that really counts— the Presidency— seems increasingly solidified in the Democrat camp. That party is destined to carry the current anti-business philosophy into an ever deeper wealth redistribution commitment, forever changing traditional American economic values.

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