Design was not a choice… I was born this way

May 24th, 2013 | by Patricia Lockwood | Comments


Designers are a rare breed and share the trait of a mix of visual talent and OCD. We find the need to adjust crooked artwork in public spaces. We also tend to “pet” or touch fabrics, finishes, and nearly every surface we come across. We are spatially aware and in-tune with our environments. Often times, you will find us distracted because we are too busy thinking of how we would redesign our surroundings.

We have design memories that go back to our childhoods. My parents tell me that when I was in preschool, I would go downstairs – grab my father’s hand and lead him back upstairs to my bedroom where I would direct where he should move my furniture. A fellow designer once asked if I ever babysat for someone and rearranged the furniture in their home. Of course, I had! We laughed together while she described how as a pre-teen she did the same.

As many already know, I spent years in my 20′s working as a police officer. I have to admit that my job as a designer warrants more “life & death” emergencies than my time in law enforcement. No one has ever been hurt or died from the color choice of a decorative pillow. Yet, it is amazing that an element of home decor can require talking someone down off the ledge (so to speak.) Designers are required to wear many hats in the course of the workday. We are part designer, therapist, cheerleader and teacher.

There are some colorful characters in my line of work and I acknowledge that I am one of them. Thankfully, I found a place to belong in the design world. I am blessed with a rewarding career in my chosen field. Although, more accurately I could say that design was not a choice … I was born this way.

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