Obamacare, Not Scandals, Will Dominate 2014 Mid-Term Elections

June 26th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

While a series of confidence-sapping scandals (Benghazi, IRS, E-Mail invasion, National Security Agency shortcomings) dominate the confrontational econo-political scene this summer, it will likely be the overwhelming impact of full-scale Obamacare that will dominate the pre-mid-term 2014 elections.

Although insurance policy premium rates have soared in anticipation of the full-scale implementation next year, the entire tax-raising consequences, embracing various degrees of impact on all of America’s employed population, the broad spectrum of the American population will finally become aware as to what this game-changing approach to healthcare portends. Like the original document, you won’t know the pitfalls of “Affordable Care” unless you experience it first hand.

In what may be a somber precognition of Obamacare’s impact on the U.S. economy’s 20% domination of healthcare specifically, and the stability of America’s future lifestyle generally, the court of professional medical practitioners’ opinion seems to foredoom any hope of a successful outcome.

Although the number of doctors, consultants and product developers I have spoken to about Obamacare hardly number in the low hundreds, none of them holds much, if any, hope for the nation’s revised medical system as a whole, if Obamacare is allowed to proceed in its current form. Many doctors and professional specialist organizations have already sold out to major hospitals, accepting salaried positions instead. Providers of medical instruments and remedial drugs are already signaling research cutbacks in light of additional tax costs imposed on them. They consider this perversion to be a pure political, rather than a medical sector-inspired approach to a sound improvement of coverage for America’s 320 million strong population.

The additional revenues to cover the extraneous costs of government overseers and 17,500 tax collectors will almost assuredly be felt immediately. This will depreciate the quality of the nation’s approach to outstanding healthcare which will start sliding, according to the limited number of those professionally involved, whom I have interviewed over the past few months. There are an abundance of expressions regarding the dire consequences awaiting patients and professional medical deliverance alike.

Although the full extent of the impact on the economy in general, and the intensity of anger and frustration it may unleash is yet to be determined, it’s a safe bet that “Obamacare” will become the centerpiece of political confrontation as the mid-term election winds start blowing prior to the critical November 4 voting date.

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