Recipe: How to bake cookies on your car dashboard

June 28th, 2013 | by Beth Roessner | Comments

fiat-cookiesBaking can be a fun and relaxing time in the kitchen, but as the mercury rises to close to 120 degrees, no one wants to add to the sweltering misery by warming up an oven. But, cookie lovers and die-hard bakers can rejoice! There is a unique and fun way to bypass the oven, take advantage of the hot sun and enjoy freshly-baked cookies.

Enter, the Auto-Bake Oven. This method of cooking uses minimal supplies–even less if store-bought dough is used!– and requires just a little bit of patience.

pre-made cookie dough (sugar cookies were used for this experiment)
cookie sheet
parchment paper
hot-pot holder
reflective car shade
super-cute apron


To help boost cooking time, a common reflective car shade was used to focus the heat on the dashboard of the car. If a car shade is unavailable, the cookies can still be baked, but it may take longer.

These cookies took about two-and-a-half hours to bake and still were slightly undercooked, but testers say they were still perfectly sweet.

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