Daft Punk album launched by Luciano at Coachella

July 9th, 2013 | by Bruce Fessier | Comments

Danny Whittle, head of IBZ Entertainment, a new entertainment company servicing artists and talent buyers worldwide, says the Daft Punk album, “Random Access Memories” will become “the most remixed album of all time” following the introduction of its first single, “Get Lucky,” in remixed form at the recent Coachella by the DJ, Luciano.

“I think them doing a disco sounding live album is genius,” Whittle told industry pundit Bob Lefsetz in a published e-mail, “because they know they have written songs and it will be all the other DJs and producers who remix and rework their album that will present it in the ‘newer electronic way.’ By putting this album out (in non-EDM style) they were inviting other upfront trendy DJs to rework it. Luciano dropped an amazing ‘his version’ of ‘Get Lucky’ at Coachella and it went off.”

Daft Punk was widely rumored to show up at Coachella, but the EDM duo instead promoted the album tantalizingly at the festival while leaving it to Luciano to introduce their first single, “Get Lucky,” with his own remix.

“Random Access Memories” soon debuted at No. 1 and “Get Lucky,” featuring a vocal by Neptunes singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, became one of the top two songs of the summer, along with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” which also features a lead vocal by Williams.

“Random Access Memories” is a less adventuresome recording than past Daft Punk albums, but the many remixes have sustained interest in the CD and it has now gone platinum.

Videos of Luciano’s performance of “Get Lucky” at Coachella are all over Youtube. View one of the better versions here.


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