Rational Immigration— Key to America’s Future Economic Growth

July 11th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

Due to the perverted politicization of complex problems relating to approximately 11 million undocumented aliens, primarily of Mexican origin, the illustrious record of U.S. Immigration, through which American has become the undisputed world superpower has become a political football.

Noone doubts the need for strengthening America’s Southern border, but the denigration of this highly respected segment of the U.S. population, comprising 17% of America’s 320 million total, has been exploited by political elements of all stripes. On the one hand, the fear of eventual citizenship’s lopsided voting power is a concern by many conservatives; while liberal elements are just as vehemently outspoken regarding the large scale non-union person power this would add to the already swollen unemployment rolls, and their impact on wage increase leverage.

From a long-term economic point of view, the U.S. should be grateful for the indescribably bullish energy development segment that has already added one million barrels of crude oil a day during the past year. This eclipses any other of the world’s oil producer nations. These includes Canada, whose oil sands expansion puts it in the world’s number two position of increased production. With the strong possibility of a massive upgrading of America’s infrastructure of power, oil and natural gas piping, as well as dams, highways, bridges and railroad tracks, occurring in the foreseeable future, an unprecedented increase of available labor will be especially called for.

With an increasing number of working age personnel retiring, there is every possibility that what is now an unemployment surplus could turn into an increasing shortage of the worker potential for manufacturing, construction, mechanical services, and engineering input required of the anticipated surge. With government statistics indicating a 2.2% growth in America’s relatively young Hispanic community within the last year, compared to one-half that increase of the traditional shrinking “white” majority, the availability of the second largest ethnic group in this country will assuredly provide the necessary employee input to maintain America’s anticipated economic upward surge. These work opportunities to move its world-leading gross domestic product to new heights, will be in great need for an influx of such urgent person power transplants.

Unlike Western Europe, which is being beset by an influx from its former colonies, most of whom have been hesitant to integrate into the Western culture and tradition, the vast majority of the primarily Hispanic younger working class immigrants will be in a position of providing the “hands-on” production ready elements of society to fill the multifaceted jobs, which will be needed to get done.

Whether Congress and the President will rise above the increasingly bitter confrontation of the Washington, D.C. “gotcha” game on the immigration issue is highly questionable. Even the approach of the 2014 mid-term elections and the ultimate power grab relevant to presidential change in 2016, may not be enough to elicit the “best and brightest” leadership in either party.

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