ShareKitchen to house first organically-driven food event

August 9th, 2013 | by Beth Roessner | Comments

Food creates conversation.

And that’s exactly what Lori Cohen-Sanford wants to accomplish at an upcoming event at ShareKitchen.

Following the trend of “pop-up” events, Cohen-Sanford wanted to expand on the idea. These limited-engagement events showcase food or retail concepts and “don’t have a long-term brick and mortar presence,” said Cohen-Sanford.

A handmade gluten-free chocolate-almond cookie sandwich is just one of the desserts on the menu. (Submitted by Lori Cohen-Sanford)

Sustainable Table in Rotation events, or STIR, was Cohen-Sanford’s way of combining her love for quality food with her passion for community.

“I thought it would be a really good way to collaborate with local chefs, promote their business along with mine and bring people together in a real community-oriented setting,” said Cohen-Sanford.

Cohen-Sanford hopes to host these events at other locations depending on the collaborators.

The theme for this inaugural event will be the blending of two cooking techniques. Prepared by Cohen-Sanford herself and Dr. Karen Vizer, wellness and lifestyle mentor, the seven-course, small-plate offerings will be served two ways; raw and cooked. Vizer’s specialty, said Cohen-Sanford, is preparing raw food.

For each course, a different ingredient will be highlighted, many of which came from the local Certified Organic Farmers’ Market. Wines from the Organic Wine Exchange will also be offered.

Before sampling and sipping the organic offerings, the event will kick off with a cooking demonstration, showcasing raw versus cooked preparations.

“Our thought is that we want it to be a conversational, intimate evening,” explained Cohen-Sanford. “We’re going to have both reps from the market and the farms talking us through the importance of locally produced food.”

Cohen-Sanford originally partnered with ShareKitchen as a way to get her business Nourishfoods off the ground. The meal-delivery service brings hungry subscribers a meal made with whole, fresh ingredients.

Coconut Curry Shrimp Gaspiche

For a cooked entree, Cohen-Sanford blended together the flavors of shrimp, coconut milk and cold tomato-based broth in this fusion of ceviche and gazpacho. (Submitted by Lori Cohen-Sanford)

“What we put into our bodies affects how our bodies react,” Cohen-Sanford said. She advocates for the use of sustainably raised and organically grown food not only for the health factors, but also because it simply tastes better, she said.

Cohen-Sanford had this business at a smaller scale in Seattle, but after relocating to the region about one year ago, wanted expand the business and share her passion for fresh ingredients.

In addition to delivered meals, Nourishfoods also offers cooking classes and catering services.

The self-taught chef caught the cooking bug after working with ShareKitchen during Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week. She was one of the chefs featured at the community space that offers a full kitchen and full bar where aspiring restaurateurs can develop their crafts and their menus. That event sparked her desire to host her own.

“Food is always something that brings people together…” explained Cohen-Sanford. “It’s like if you go to a dinner party and you’re not exactly sure what to talk about . What does the topic usually turn to?”

At her parties, it’s food.

Tickets can be purchased in advanced through Nourishfoods

The Inaugural Sustainable Table in Rotation, 6 p.m., Monday, Aug. 19, ShareKitchen, 68805 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City. $75-$100. Information:

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