What does the fox say? Hilarious music video takes a guess

September 11th, 2013 | by Brian Indrelunas | Comments

What does the fox say?

"What does the fox say?" Norwegian group Ylvis asks in a music video. (Screenshot from YouTube)

I thought Ylvis’ “The Fox” was going to be a mildly catchy, well intentioned music video that just didn’t translate well into English.

I mean, I’ve seen a Romanian song about heartbreak and/or fidelity inexplicably turn into an indecent proposal directed at Kylie Minogue, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Ylvis found a See ‘N Say and just ran with it, all the way to a goofy English version of something that sounds a bit more serious in Norway.

But a split second after the first “What does the fox say?” I knew this had to be a hoot in any language. Enjoy:

Ylvis’ blog reveals the video was indeed meant to be funny and was created for a Norwegian TV show — or at least to promote one.

And there’s more where that came from, Slate notes.

For those who take issue with the accuracy of “The Fox,” HuffPost Comedy has a more zoologically correct remix:

(A big tip of the fox-eared hat to Desert Sun Local Editor Lorraine Whetstone, who brought this to the newsroom’s collective attention.)

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