New La Quinta ice cream parlor uses science for frosty treats

October 3rd, 2013 | by Beth Roessner | Comments

Someone was paying attention in science class.

A new ice cream parlor in La Quinta is serving up ice cream creations, but unlike other dessert bars, these confections are frozen before a customer’s very eyes.

NitroInfusions, located in Old Town La Quinta, uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream scoops in as little as one minute. The end result is a smoother, creamier and more luxurious treat.

“Here in the desert, it’s year-round ice cream,” said co-owner Nancy Prieto of La Quinta.

Her husband’s family has had ice cream shops in Mexico City for generations, so the duo is familiar with the demands of the ice cream business. Avid fans of the Food Network, Prieto and her husband Sebastian learned that the use of liquid nitrogen for ice cream has become all the rage and wanted to bring this unique form of science to the valley.

Workers at the new NitroInfusions ice cream shop in La Quinta, use liquid nitrogen to freeze creations in front of customers.

Workers at the new NitroInfusions ice cream shop in La Quinta, use liquid nitrogen to freeze creations in front of customers. (Contributed image)



“We like this process because it’s a fast freeze,” Prieto explained. “There is no time for ice crystals to build up.”

Crystals that could distort the overall texture of the dessert.

Since opening the shop two weeks ago, business has gone “better than expected.”

The ice cream menus is limited, said Prieto, to six flavors because they want to focus on artisan quality. Salted caramel, chocolate espresso, roasted-pistachio and olive oil, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate jalapeno balsamic vinegar are the four mains on the menu board. The other two change seasonally.

How it works

Say an ice cream lover selects the chocolate-espresso flavor, Prieto said. The ice cream base is put into one of the shop’s four professional-grade KitchenAid mixing bowls. The motor is started, and as the blade swirls around the bowl, the liquid nitrogen is slowly streamed in. Complete with an eerie fog, the ice cream is frozen within two minutes.

Their ice cream base is 100-percent organic and whenever possible, the shop sources out to local producers for their toppings.

For those who prefer the classic flavors of chocolate or vanilla, they can order a scoop of those, too.

Ice cream isn’t the only sweet on their menu. Crepes, floats and shakes are also being served up.

If you go…

NitroInfusions, 12 p.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 12 p.m.-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday. 78010 Main St., Suite 108, La Quinta. Information: (760) 771-0700.


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