US Business Ingenuity/Competence Dismayed by Government’s Increasing Dysfunction

October 4th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

While the Executive/Legislative branches of government staggered through a needless and debilitating “partial work stoppage” in its increasingly dysfunctional mode, independent businesses, comprising the bulk of U.S. employment, maintaining the slowly improving momentum, primarily generated by energy development, exports, and residential construction, the U.S. Government seems oblivious to the damage that political infighting is causing.

What is particularly remarkable is that American business enterprises, especially those independently managed, have continued to display a unique resourcefulness, not matched among either developed or developing nations. This “entrepreneurialism,” kindled by a spirit of independent thinking, has been the main force behind the U.S.’s slow, but steady expansion. Neither the government’s faltering foreign policy, or the vexing impact of nonsensical regulations, have been able to sidetrack the zeal enabling this nation’s businesses to accommodate the artificial hurdles concocted by a government, bent on ultimate control.

What is particularly gratifying is that the nation’s “small business class” has chosen to circumvent the shackles of business-antagonistic government agencies by its continued drive to maintain, expand, and succeed. This has also accelerated growth technology, which makes these hundreds of thousands of enterprises less dependent on hands-on full-time workers.

Unfortunately, this has complicated an increasingly unresolved employment situation, made worse by a trend toward part-time workers. This circumstance has been forced on business owners and general managers, attempting to deal with the increasing benefit package overload, occasioned by Obamacare and burdensome regulations, imposed by a number of Administration-engendered agencies.

But even with this overabundance of cost overload, the American “small business” sector is exhibiting remarkable resilience, while maintaining monetary liquidity under a slow-growing economy. The overwhelming majority of these sturdy entrepreneurs are generally upgrading and mechanizing the status quo. However, they seem to have lowered their business risk factor to an irreducible minimum, and as such are not prone to engage in any major growth leap forward.

While the “Beltway lobbyists and political manipulators” display indifference to what’s in the best interest of the average American, business owners and managers are forced to use the “economic innovations” that keep alive the once clarifying phrase uttered by the apparently unprepossessing President Calvin Coolidge: “The business of America is business.”
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