Increasingly Dysfunctional US Government Forms Barrier to Economic Progress

October 15th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

It used to be that America’s executive-legislative-judicial combine worked in tandem to optimize the impressive forward motion of America’s world-leading economic powerhouse. Based on the increasingly adversarial confrontation between the White House/Senate on the one hand, and the House of Representatives on the other, this former “America first” approach has given in to a level of bickering between political partisans, not seen in decades.

With the chief executive throwing down the gauntlet of “no negotiation,” Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took the helm of his Upper House majority and literally opened the door to the recent government shutdown, which threw a roadblock into the fragile economic recovery as the 2014 fiscal year commenced. This ongoing state of affairs goes far beyond partisan politics. The events that transpired on the eve of fiscal 2014 were foreseen months ahead of time and did not require the additional 11th hour, 59 minute drama to expose the economically destructive happenings of the September 30 zero hour.

The downward reversal of the stock market, the helter-skelter with which relevant agencies drained the leftover fiscal 2013 monetary funds, and the first “partial government shutdown” since 1996 could easily have been avoided. The hundreds of billions of dollars worth of financial investment lost will never be fully recovered in reasonable time, while job losses (especially federal agency employees) were forced on thousands of hapless workers.

The threat of “defunding” Obamacare turned out to be a weak hand played for public consumption by GOP legislators, who saw this as a way of halting this steamrolling healthcare monstrosity. Ironically, even if “defunding” were adhered to by legislative vote delaying the inevitable, the White House would have found a way to circumvent it. Besides, the GOP-controlled House should have reasoned that both their popularity and the chance to expose this takeover of 16% of the U.S. Government’s total annual expenditures would have allowed ten months for the American people to realize what has been perpetrated with Obamacare.

If, by chance, it turned out to be unexpectedly successful, the American people would be the beneficiaries. As circumstances now stand, both major political parties have heightened a disrepute that polls show Congress to be in the low double digit percentage approval range.

It’s unfortunate that the world’s most successful national enterprise ever has to be victimized by an executive/legislative process that works against the best interests of the millions that have made the USA the fabulous nation that it is; in spite of a governing structure that seems totally out of step with the economic elements behind America’s past and, hopefully, future accomplishments.
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