Master Distribution— A Major Supplement to the PHCP Industry’s Mainstream Marketing Channel

October 16th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

It has become readily apparent during the ongoing post “Great Financial Recession” aftermath that America’s magnificent nationwide infrastructure of large, medium-sized and small plumbing-heating-cooling-piping distributors are courageously facing the challenges of selective growth, in an economic environment that is making this task increasingly burdensome.

While having played a focal and indispensable role, without which many manufacturers and end-users could not have achieved their current growth, this 50-state and U.S. territorial mainstream distribution system is now facing a “post recession growth” of providing immediate service. As America’s technological evolution places ever greater inventory demands on an incomparable distribution system that has always kept in lockstep with the needs of its end-users, installers, and OEM’s etc., it is an indispensable segment of America’s industry that has evolved into an unparalleled world class system that has never let its customers or prospects down, no matter what obstacles were faced.

However, with the literally hundreds of thousands of types of products comprising this constantly expanding business sector, this intensely re-active marketing infrastructure is rapidly experiencing mounting difficulty in providing the inventory necessary to maintain the superb delivery service for which it has become noted. This is increasingly difficult as the types, sizes and new products keep evolving with ever greater intensity and urgency.

It has become even more complex, as products from foreign sources have entered the equation. This requires larger orders, and longer lead time to service such additional offerings to their end-use customers. This is a mainstream distribution system that has so deservedly established admiration in the eyes of the nation’s hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of end users. Fortunately, the emergence of master distribution, committed to unflinchingly supporting the plumbing-heating-cooling-piping mainstream is fulfilling the support role where needed. These “masters” have performed admirably in closing the gap that America’s phenomenal growth industries such as energy, whose demands for backup, especially from the PVF sector, have become increasingly urgent.

This master distribution involvement is proving especially helpful, as many of the nation’s finest distribution entities have cut back inventory levels. This has come about in light of the uncertain economic growth circumstances which have permeated today’s economic environment. This distribution support system has come into place within the mainstream distribution system. The score of years within which this phenomenon has occurred has proven the cooperation and loyalty that today exists.

This master distribution system, which has grown in number, regional location, and the growing variety of specialty products has generally proven its merit and loyalty as service providers, rather than competitors, to the PHCP industry’s mainstream distribution system, adding strength to its extensive growth potential. These master distributors by-and-large have earned their rightful place in the nation’s industry mainstream marketing channels. They have done so by their total support of the U.S. PHCP distribution system, for now and into an ever brighter future.

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