Dais lighting issue fractures Rancho Mirage council

October 17th, 2013 | by Blake Herzog | Comments

The video from Thursday’s City Council meeting isn’t posted yet, but should be here by Friday afternoon. The Oct. 3 meeting is there now. Residents looking for fireworks can bypass topics like the Ritz-Carlton, redevelopment and park expansion and go to the question of whether the council dais is sufficiently lighted for home viewing.

This issue has apparently drawn scattered criticism from city electeds and staff for a few years. Now, a staff-led search for vendors to do something about it has resulted in two council members, at opposite ends of the dais’ seating chart, butting heads over what needs to be done, if anything, and who should do it, and how, and how much should be spent.

The debate has touched other aspects of video production, such as who is recording the meetings, how cameras should be placed to avoid having people’s heads appear over the wrong nameplate, and whether meetings are live-streamed over the city website. (Most council members thought they were, but they’re posted about a day later,  in case any foul language slips through, per council direction from years back).

Those missing the acrimony of the federal shutdown can tune in, and while they’re at it come up with their own opinions on the lighting.

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