Is France Bent on Committing Economic Suicide?

October 17th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

When French President Francois Hollande announced that France is committed to liquidating its preponderant nuclear power position within the next decade, he may not have thought out the consequences of the havoc this would create. This would affect both the 60 million strong nation’s power availability; but also deal a crushing blow to the nation’s financial condition, as well as degenerating 80% of electric availability. This is now utilized by nuclear power of France’s residential, commercial, and industrial power needs.

Although the Japanese Fukushima disaster became the last of a string of disasters, including the 1985 Chernobyl (Ukraine) breakdown, the 1979 U.S. Three Mile Island scare, and most lately the tsunami-induced Japanese nuclear catastrophe, France, the world’s leading nuclear power generating nation, ironically, has reported no nuclear incidents since its inception of nuclear power usage.

The bad vibes instigated by this fear of nuclear disaster have generally stopped new nuclear-powered installations in the U.S., and total stoppage in Germany by 2022. Nuclear usage, however, has literally held France’s’s economic infrastructure development hostage, due to its cost-effectiveness. But with no national calamities reported, despite its leading position of nuclear power usage, superseding that of any large economy anywhere else, France’s use of nuclear power has long been held up as the poster child of nuclear energy input.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to the French voters that they have given a six year lock on the French presidency to an avowed Socialist, bent on calling for sweeping changes, not matter what the national economic implications might engender. For the sake of the French, it is hoped that the nation’s economic potentates will infuse a touch of reality, perverted by the global “climatological” purity bug. At the very least, the cost of such a catastrophic change would be a budget buster.

If this economic “insanity” were allowed to prevail, the France’s European No. 2 economy (after Germany) could plunge into chaos, even if Hollande’s penchant for renewables to preserve “climatological purity” supplanted a minimal part of the electric power loss. Just as important would be France’s overall economic position, which has helped that nation to be the only strong runnerup to Germany in the European Union’s still tenuous economic situation. Already reeling from internal strife, inflamed by the seven million French Islamists, given automatic citizenship because their largest source, Algeria, has been considered a component of the French nation rather than a colony, is already widening France’s internal equilibrium.

Hollande’s highly publicized “decision” may yet be stillborn, once the French President realizes the untoward consequences that such a ludicrous move could entail. This is true even though such a move has been implemented by Germany. It is likely that Germany will be able stick to its nuclear decision, since they are far less dependent on nuclear power.

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