Farewell, Jesse, our Beloved “Cavalier”— May He Rest in Peace and Joy Forever in Dog Heaven

November 1st, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

When our magnificent little “King Charles Cavalier”, Jesse, an eight year old canine bundle of joy and happiness collapsed in our back yard, due to a literal “broken heart” last week, my wife, Ruth and I were devastated beyond description. The love and pleasure he brought into our life, as we marveled at his almost human wisdom and the pleasure he gave to the many who were touched by his friendliness and attention is gone.. This was especially true of the many cancer patients whom he visited frequently at Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage, California.

Although this paean of sadness mixed with a loving memory that will never fade may seem unique from an inveterate economic analyst, I would suspect that many of the thousands who have read my blogs, columns, and newsletters over time, will understand the deep chasm of indescribable loss at the passing of this 17 pound projector of unmitigated humor and joy, that Jesse gave to all with whom he came in touch.

It’s no accident that the U.S.A. is by far the most voluminous holder of domesticated dogs and cats, estimated to be in the range of about 75 million. This familial relationship between a large segment of America’s 320 million inhabitants— a number of domesticated animals not even been begun to be matched in any other of the world’s nations.

Dogs, especially, have unequivocally earned the title of “unconditional love” to their owners, as well as others who are fortunate enough to have come under the sway of their animals’ loving warmth.

In our long, happy marriage, one of its many benefits was the return of love given by the seven dogs we were privileged to own over more than five decades. Prior to our marriage, I never had the privilege of dog ownership, which Ruth had enjoyed before we met.

Although each of these wonderful “mammals” brought their own special “love and joy” to our family, Jesse, coming into our lives as we had the privilege of entering the senior phase of our pathway, was a special gift. Jesse’s overload of love, humor, and kindness brought a special brightness to our lives that was unmatched by his predecessors.

We will miss him terribly, will never forget him, and even hope that there is an afterlife in which the greatness of mankind and its indomitable spirit can be joined with the “pets” that have such special meaning to the ardently sought after “benevolence of happiness;” an object all men and women of goodwill share.

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