Is Governor Christie’s Historic Gubernatorial Re-Election Setting Up a Hillary-Christie Showdown?

November 28th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

In attempting to keep separate the ever-increasing political decisions that have slowed both economic recovery, as well as employment opportunities, it has been impossible to ignore the impact that the hatchet job of the Environmental Protection Agency, Obamacare, or subsidizing unproductive renewables have had on a halting, recovering U.S. economy.

More remarkable is that this is happening while this heaven-blessed nation, the U.S.A., has been bequeathed a miraculous technology that is catapulting this unparalleled global nation to the world’s top position in natural resources.

When questioning the fallacy of the irreconcilable nature of our executive, legislative, and judicial political system, it’s obvious that the current infighting and politicizing of economic decision are acting as a worsening of our great nation’s ability to regain world stewardship in both domestic and foreign policy arenas. In fact, both seem to be getting progressively more intense. What has been sadly lacking is leadership.

With the next presidential election still three years away, the desperate desire to find a candidate in both major political parties is already grabbing headlines in America’s print and digital media systems. The urgent need to quench the desire by Democrats and Republicans to fill the current yawning gap is already manifesting itself. In the case of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton’s nomination will be hers for the asking, despite health issues, Benghazi, and a variety of credibility problems.

The GOP is lucky to have a born leader of the “old school” ready to mount the Republican nomination podium, in spite of the mini-civil war that is playing havoc between the Tea Party activists and the mainstream leadership with Governor Christie’s historic 62% re-election victory, in a state that went for Obama’s reelection by 14%.

This no-nonsense Reaganesque leader, who swept all demographic political segments, some by huge majorities, looks to be the 21st century mainstay that noone thought existed anymore, especially in a state where Republicans at all elective levels were given little, if any chance. It may be too early and too frivolous to set the next presidential election stage, before the mid-terms have determined the next makeup of the House and Senate; but a Christie/Hillary confrontation may already have passed the embryonic stage on the way to a 2016 showdown.

With the gigantic pools of money available to both parties, the usual debilitating nominating two-party infighting of the past may already be defunct, with only the Vice Presidential candidates creating newsworthy discussion in the nation’s upcoming media.

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