US Electric Power Generation Threatened by Unachievable new EPA, CO²/Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Restraints

December 10th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

While the U.S. electric power industry desperately attempts to phase into service a number of electric utilities to stem the upcoming shortage of under-supported electric power demands, along comes the “power-hungry” EPA, obviously impervious to the brownouts and blackouts that such shortages may be instigating. Since these long-term planned new power stations were meant to be coal-fired activated, they obviously greatly exceed Co² and greenhouse gases. This not only faces affected utilities with indescribable losses, but prompts start-up delays that may not be implemented for years.

A major re-evaluation of America’s power industry and its distribution system way overdue, especially in light of a head-over-heels rush on already coal-denuded power systems, cannot possibly adapt to this arbitrary EPA Administration mandate. Ignoring the disruption of significant sectors of residential, commercial, and industrial power needs, the EPA also has its hatchet out for thermal coal needed to convert iron ore into steel.

The weak anti-Administration legislators in the Senate are obviously petrified by the Gina McCarthy-led EPA fanatics, who either don’t understand what they are wreaking, or likely don’t care. Either way, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a substantial segment of the power brokers now in charge will continue to impose their anti-business prejudice on those sectors of the U.S. economy that are critical to a moderate expansion from its current fragile post “Great Recession” comeback.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious, with each passing new government regulation aimed at either slowing or, in the case of coal, permanently eliminating the bulk of America’s fossil fuels of oil and natural gas that a new electric power crisis is in the making. But the lights on Capitol Hill and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will keep shining.

What is most remarkable is that even the obvious negative impact on the nation’s critical unemployment and industrial, commercial recovery, seems not to have influenced the Administration in restraining an Environmental Protection Agency that is even outdoing the anti-economic excess of its previous antecedent head, Lisa Jackson.

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