Was the Disorganized “Obamacare” Introduction Accidental or a Deliberate Single Payer Takeover Attempt?

December 22nd, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

Conspiracy theories are, at best, based on unproven ideas that have no evidential proof to back them up, but do demand answers. The two most debated and still written about conspiracy theories are the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and John Kennedy in 1963.

But the most talked about currently, and tinged with question marks, is the current healthcare imbroglio, which has increasingly been portrayed as a deliberate government takeover of the nation’s healthcare industry. Its ultimate success would be permanent “Washington D.C. control” over 16% of the American nation’s world-leading gross domestic product, double that of runnerup China.

After a month of what may seem a deliberate attempt to disrupt a functional, if imperfect, traditional U.S. healthcare system, the following questions emerge:

1) Would an undisputably bright and self-focused American President, reaffirmed by a second term victory, deliberately undo the status quo, while focusing on a single payer system, based on government exchanges, without a master plan to make this happen.

2) Why did Britain’s Barclay Bank, which was ready to take over Lehman Brothers, back in mid-September 2008, shortly after polls indicated a trend toward the GOP nominees back off at the last minute, ushering in the “global financial recession.”

3) But even more interesting, why did the newly-elected and relatively unknown and totally inexperienced Barack Hussein Obama primarily insist on a controversial, unknown Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, above all other major options, such as Secretaries of State, Treasury and Defense. Is it because Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel, had already been identified as the potential architect of the previously unsuccessful attempt by Clinton and Carter to dominate a universal health plan, as a key to overall U.S. government control, while the U.S. economy was in free-fall.

4) But most telling, why would a revolutionary, but risky government health healthcare takeover supersede an obvious infrastructural national rebuild which, like FDR’s New Deal, would have put the vast newly unemployeds to work and generate massive additional revenues. A compliant Democratic House and Senate had handed to the new President a near trillion dollar debt-defying government loan with which to fix the economy. This was at a critical time, when a workable healthcare plan for a relatively small segment of the 300 million plus population was already better equipped to serve U.S. healthcare than other nations. Obviously, the U.S. hospital emergency system was adequately, if not perfectly, being handled.

5) But the $64,000 question remains Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, who could have dealt a death blow to Obamacare in a July 2012 final decision, when the moderate swing vote of Anthony Kennedy seemed surprisingly to indicate “Obamacare’s unconstitutionality.” Strangely, Roberts fled to an obscure summer assignment in far away Malta, after his surprise vote sustained Obamacare.

Unfortunately, conspiracy theories only ask questions, but supply no cogent answers. But they do provide food for thought.
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