Use your iPhone as Photo Light

December 24th, 2013 | by Richard Lui | Comments

I ran into a problem while photographing family on top of the  Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas with a point-n-shoot camera. I wanted to get photos of my family with the glowing lights of Vegas down below. The observation-deck where we stood wasn’t lit. This first photo picked up the city-lights well but left my father-in-law in the dark.


I then tried the on camera flash. This lit up my subject and the fence on the observation deck but left the Vegas lights unspectacular.


The solution was to use my iPhone with the flashlight function turned on to light my in-laws. The light from my phone balanced the city lights to make a photo that shows subject and background clearly.  These photos are taken with a point and shoot but this method works with one iPhone as the camera and another one, perhaps borrowed from the person you are shooting as the light source.


Here’s a shot taken with my DSLR with just ambient light.



And here’s the same shot with light from the iPhone filling in the shadows and making the photo pop.



Try this technique the next time you’re around a Christmas tree.



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