Entrepreneurialism Glorified by Pending U.S. Congressional Legislation

December 27th, 2013 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

As an acknowledged champion of America’s independent businesses, I’m particularly gratified by pending U.S. House Resolution 401, designating the third Tuesday of every future November as “National Entrepreneurs Day.” This resolution focuses on the foundational role in which the nation’s independent businesses (entrepreneurs) have distinguished themselves by helping build America’s world-leading economy.

This Congressional initiative emphasizes that these “small businesses,” by the very nature of their independent ownership, do not enjoy the intense and widespread recognition that is afforded to major publicly-held corporations. These industrial and commercial titans receive support not only from their vast array of stockholders and media coverage, but are the recipients of lobbying activities that apprise Congress of major issues. These tend to benefit major corporations relevant to the industry’s services in which they are active.

“Entrepreneurialism” has been the critical key that has provided the U.S.’s booming global expansion and technological development which surpasses any group of world nations in opening new paths of current and future growth. What has made this superior economic drive possible is that in these independent businesses the ownership, management, and leadership direction are part and parcel of their constant onsite development and growth.

Although America’s public corporations have been extremely successful in developing worldwide locations and reputations, it’s the independents that employ practically three-fourths of America’s potential 140 million workers, in the vast variety of businesses that they represent.

Furthermore, these entrepreneurial creators are, by the very nature of their organizations, almost exclusively active and employ men and women within the confines of America’s 50 states and territories. This not only makes them indispensable to the hundreds of thousands of communities in which they are active; but they have also been the genesis of such latter days innovations as the evolving computer technology, social media, and accelerating media communications capability, etc.

The Warren Buffetts, Bill Gates, Michael Dells, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Ellisons represent the best and the brightest entrepreneurs, who laid the incomparable groundwork in their particular fields of endeavor.

The co-sponsor of this legislation, Congressman Raul Ruiz of the 36th District of California, in which I reside, and others should be commended for bringing these critically significant entrepreneurial achievements to the attention of the American public, and forever memorializing them in their ongoing future endeavors.

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