The back seam

January 8th, 2014 | by Lynn Lieu | Comments


A fun detail I’ve latched onto recently is the back seam. And while I’m fully aware that it’s usually applied to hosiery, it also appears on some of my favorite tops and bottoms.

My first pair of Diesel jeans were black, had leather detailing on the front pockets and a set of amazing back seams.  You’ve probably heard that vertical lines are slimming and what I’ve found to be an added bonus was they made me seem taller. At five feet, I’ll take what I can get optical illusions included.

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards tops with back seams like this Rag and Bone classic beater tank. I’m a huge fan of tiny details like a hidden pocket and colored or creatively-placed zipper. Most of the time, I like tiny details because they’re tiny, usually overlooked but add a completely different feel to the piece. The back seam is just that. It’s simple, slightly sporty but can easily be dressed up or down and in tops extremely comfortable (not to be mistaken for the back zipper).

And if you run into an ex, it gives him something else to look at as you’re walking away.

(photo via Rag and Bone)

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