Coachella 2014: ‘Who is OutKast?’ tumblr is shocking

January 10th, 2014 | by Daniel Simon | Comments

Sometimes, social media brings out the worst in us. Actually, it shows a side of us that we wish others didn’t see (but we really kind of wish people did see).

Social media is often used to express feelings to anonymous (and not so anonymous) followers — feelings that we aren’t willing to share in real life. But sometimes our thoughts should remain as brain farts.

In the case of the dynamic hip-hop duo OutKast who will headline the festival on Friday, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2014 attendees took to social media and showed the world that there is such a thing as a bad question.

A tumblr user created a page dedicated to poking fun at the people who asked that resounding question heard across the Internet: “Who is OutKast?”

Here’s a little bit of advise to people who don’t know about OutKast: Check Youtube or search Wikipedia.

If Coachellagoers were really asking these questions across various social media platforms, it adds to the stereotype people already have of the festival. That stereotype is that people attend just to get a glimpse of a celebrity and pretend as if they’re music lovers holistically. It’s about bragging rights and proving they knew a band before everybody else did.

Here is a video on why some loathe festivalgoers. In this clip done by Jimmy Kimmel, his crew makes up fake group names and asks attendees if they’ve ever heard of the fictional group. The ensuing clip is hilarity at its finest:

But back to OutKast, they are an East Point, Atlanta hip-hop duo composed of Andre Benjamin, or Andre 3000, and Antwan Patton also known as Big Boi.

Their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik put them on the music map in 1994 and their single “Player’s Ball” reached number one rap status on Billboard. The rest is history.

Some nine years later the duo recorded a double album (they were experimenting with new sounds and wanted to work on their own identities) Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. The former album belonged to Big Boi and the latter was Andre’s. Not only did the album feature number one singles (“Hey Ya!” and “The Way You Move”), but the project won the 2004 Grammy’s Album of the Year award — the first and only hip-hop album to do so.

Oh, they also made the 2006 musical Idlewild which starred major Hollywood names like Paula Patton, Terrence Howard, Faizon Love, Cicely Tyson, Macy Gray, Patti LaBelle and Ving Rhames. Of course, OutKast created the accompanying soundtrack.

The only possible way one does not know about OutKast is if he or she is a one-dimensional music consumer or was cryogenically frozen during the 90s and early 2000s.

For the people who just woke up from their decade-long sleeping chamber (and for those who didn’t go the route of Han Solo) here are some songs by the group you may enjoy:

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