Flu Watch 2014

January 12th, 2014 | by Amelia Hadley | Comments

IMG_3670There are a few stomach bugs going around. There’s one that lasts around 12 hours and the other one, the one I’ve named Satan’s stomach flu, that one is sending people to urgent care and the ER.

So on Saturday, when my youngest son woke up screaming for a bucket, I was frightened. Any family with children in it will typically share an illness, but when you have four kids throwing up…and other stuff… it’s a nightmare. The bigger the family, the harder an illness like the flu can be.

I settled my son in bed with a bucket and waited to see just how bad it would get. Several times he bellowed for me from upstairs and I’d go running to him, just so he could tell me his stomach hurt, while rolling around like he’d just been shot. The bucket came in handy about four times, but by Saturday evening, he was feeling better. He woke up on Sunday morning and ate two bowls of cereal.

I think we’ve managed — so far — to avoid the horrible stomach flu that is making grown men cry, and, miraculously, no one else in the family has thrown up.


It feels a little too good to be true. A friend keeps telling me to stop with the, “It’s only a matter of time…” talk. I’m trying, but I did rush into the bathroom last night after hearing some questionable sounds coming from  my daughter.

“Geez mom!” she yelled. “I’m blowing my nose!”

“Sorry,” I told her. “I totally thought I heard you yak.”

What worked to make my son a little more comfortable was the “get well soon blanket,” which I’ve talked about before. It’s an idea that my sister gave me to use an old quilt. The kids think it’s somehow able to make them feel better and it protects beds and sofas from flu symptoms. I also picked up some saltines and ginger ale.

I have sprayed everything in my house with Lysol, twice.

Whether it’s a short bout or a severe case, the stomach flu is awful. Stay healthy.


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