Zombie baby prank at “Forever Marilyn”

January 31st, 2014 | by Skip Descant | Comments

Yes, YouTube does have a higher purpose than immortalizing devastatingly funny (and often personal,) videos of our cats.

Enter, “Forever Marilyn Zombie Baby,” filmed on location and produced by Stephen Trevisone and his crew in downtown Palm Springs, steps from the “Forever Marilyn” statue.

At first it would seem Travisone was surely inspired by the YouTube mega-hit “Devil Baby Attack: Evil baby prank terrifies innocent people in New York,” a video produced to drum up attention for the 2014 supernatural horror film “Devil’s Due.”

Trevisone notes his video is “a takeoff on that,” though adds he was working on this project prior to “Devil’s Due” coming out.

“I’ve been doing this for over a year now,” he said Friday. “This is a prank I wanted to do for a long time.”

Trevisone’s prank includes a robotic baby zombie swaddled in a stroller, inviting — in this case — tourists to lift the blanket only to be shocked by this pint-sized animatronic zombie.

“We had no trouble hiding our cameras during the event, as there are so many visitors taking pictures with Marilyn,” Trevisone said in a statement. “We even had a camera inside the baby carriage to catch close up reactions.”

This was not Trevisone’s first prank, though it’s his first in the Marilyn statue in Palm Springs.

Trevisone chose Palm Springs as his prankster location for a few reason: Firstly, he really likes this town. And secondly, filming with Marilyn – a highly photographed and identifiable landmark – would publicize the video in like none other.

“I picked that location for a few reasons, one I knew we can blend in with our cameras and not be noticed to much since everybody there is taking pictures and video of the statue,” Trevisone said. “The other reasons are simple. I love Palm Springs and the Hollywood history it has. I also knew that doing a prank next to such a popular landmark would help the video go viral.”

In the more than a year and a half the “Forever Marilyn” statue has been standing in downtown Palm Springs, she has attracted more attention than anyone could have imagined, as thousands have flocked to pose for cell-phone pics with the giant likeness of the famous actress.

Tonight, the American Heart Association and the city of Palm Springs will bathe the statue in a glow of red light to mark support of the American Heart Association Go Red For Women movement.

Marilyn’s famous dress will be illuminated red at approximately 5 p.m.  The dress will remain illuminated throughout February in support of the campaign.

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