Mysterious rainbow paint removed from Palm Springs utility boxes

February 10th, 2014 | by Reza Gostar | Comments

Freddy Rios, a Palm Springs street operations worker, removes paint from three utility boxes on Ferrell Drive. Photo: Reza Gostar

The mysterious rainbow paint that appeared on three utility boxes on the corner of Farrell Drive and Via Escuela in Palm Springs was scraped off by a city street operations worker on Monday.

Freddy Rios, a Palm Springs City street operations worker, said that the mysterious painter who jazzed up the utility boxes did not have proper permission from the city.

Rios did not know who was responsible for painting the boxes  but said they would be treated just like any other piece of graffiti  he encounters in his line of work.

“We spotted them while driving around,” he said. “I think they were painted this last weekend but I don’t know what for.”

Nearby neighbors were also not impressed by the painted boxes.

“I think it’s very improper, not because of the color choice, but because it wasn’t properly approved by the city,” said Ron Walters, a Via Escuela resident.

Butch Cochran, a nearby neighbor, said that whoever painted the boxes was very creative but people pay taxes so zoning codes are enforced.

“Everything else seems to be in conformity,” in the neighborhood, Cochran said, adding that he wonders if the boxes were related to the freshly painted lime-green wall of a home directly next to the utility boxes. “Maybe they were trying to make some sort of statement.”

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