Unlimited Presidential Executive Orders Set Dangerous Precedent !

February 14th, 2014 | by Morris Beschloss | Comments

President Barack Obama’s warning of a “pen and phone,” with which to take unitary action, without Congressional approval, has already been initiated with “packing” the National Labor Relations Board,” while Congress was still in session; even though the President claims otherwise, which begs the issue. This has opened the door to unionizing Southern “right to work states,” which has brought in foreign automakers, precisely to avoid the arbitrary union action of their home countries.

Attorney General Eric Holder has followed suit by arbitrarily giving full marital rights to gay couples, without Congressional hearings. This is not to judge the merits of this policy, but in the arbitrary way it was handled.

The President has followed up the NLRB action by opening the “sanctuary door” to those who request it, even though they may have been accused of previous support of terrorist activities. Does this mean that Jihadist terrorists, who have freely infected Western European nations, will now appear in the U.S. in droves, from which this nation has been mercifully spared?

As someone who experienced the evolution of dictatorship from a progressive constitutionally-based Western nation, such practices sound too familiar. Declaring force majeure (arbitrary law) due to national crisis is what gave the German “Fuhrer” total power, using the burning of Germany’s Parliament (Reichstag), which the Nazis themselves perpetuated as pretext.

This is not to say such shocking action lies in America’s future, but the door has been opened. If another 9/11/01 type atrocity occurred, what would stop the President from declaring total executive power, including the cancellation of national elections. Weimar Germany’s Constitution, in 1934, contained Article 17, which legitimized Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s unlimited takeover of Germany, and led to unprecedented tyranny.

Most Americans, of course, consider that such drastic steps could never confront the U.S. Unfortunately, such belief brought on America’s most lethal conflagration (the Civil War, or “war between the states”) as some Southerners prefer to call it. Two million, dead or wounded, bear witness to the belief that impossible secession could and did happen.

What is most disturbing today is that an apparently impotent Congress, and a population more rightfully concerned with domestic economic matters, plus a compliant mainstream media, are raising no objections.

The empty warning of “history like this cannot be tolerated in the U.S.A.” is being sounded for the express reason that the current turn of events might just be the spark that sets off the fire. It seems that the respectful Congressional opposition might just be creating the climate that is making the previously illustrated turn of events a possibility.

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