Granada HRH PS


April 23rd, 2014 | By Patricia Lockwood | Comments
Based in Los Angeles, Granada Tile creates sensational, handmade, eco-friendly cement and concrete tiles. Working closely with architects, interior designers and homeowners, Granada Tile strives to ca ...Read more
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Palm Springs’ Building Boom

April 23rd, 2014 | By Christopher Kennedy | Comments
There are several familiar sites around our Valley right now: Young hipsters with flowers in their hair attending Coachella; loving couples of all shapes and sizes shopping for wedding cakes; departin ...Read more


| Patricia Lockwood | Comments
  I knew someone that used to say “I have an IQ of 170 with a Mechanical IQ of 36”. He was a brilliant man who couldn’t put together a simple paper towel holder. He didn’t possess a ...Read more

How to create a professional DESIGN PLAN in 5 Easy Steps

| Patricia Lockwood | Comments
  Remodeling is like childbirth… no one can really “warn” you what you are in for until you go through it yourself. Many people are simply unprepared for the stress, disruption and t ...Read more

OUT OF SIGHT: invisible stars of the game room

| Patricia Lockwood | Comments
One of the benefits of being an interior designer is the exposure to unique and upcoming trends. I am an out-of-the-box personality who craves new and innovative designs. My latest design discovery ...Read more

HOT OFF THE PRESSES -- High-Desert Prefab: An Inside Tour

| Christopher Kennedy | Comments
Friends, I am having a difficult day, as the current issue of my favorite local magazine just landed on my desk.  Imagine my surprise to find a multi-page spread all about a home that I designed, ...Read more


| Jeff Jurasky | Comments
By Jeffrey Jurasky, A.S.I.D. I often discuss the creation of a powder room design as an opportunity to be “stupid”. Tongue-and-cheek for sure, but the opportunity to create a remarkable space, ...Read more


TOP SHELF – Designed for Entertaining

March 17th, 2014 | By Patricia Lockwood | Comments
  With Saint Paddy’s Day here, many celebrate this drinking holiday with a tip of the glass. In fact, according to Time Magazine, St. Patrick’s Day ranks 2nd as the booziest holiday jus ...Read more

BEST IN SHOW at the LQ Arts Festival

March 13th, 2014 | By Patricia Lockwood | Comments
  The 32nd La Quinta Arts Festival took place last weekend at the La Quinta Civic Center Campus in the heart of downtown La Quinta. This art & crafts show is ranked #1 in the nation by A ...Read more

Makin me look good!!

| Jeff Jurasky | Comments
By Jeffrey Jurasky, A.S.I.D. The real world of interiors is orchestrating the army of craftspeople, vendors, suppliers, mills and contractors to make me look good! I can draw pretty pictures all da ...Read more

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